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May 3, 2023 3:14 PM EDT

Lewen Line Construction

Lewen Line Construction is growing to be one of the largest subcontractors in Southern Indiana. We subcontract for Spectrum and Metronet, providing communication lines from Scottsburg, IN to Radcliff, KY. We have eight Aerial crews which consist of linemen who build new lines, replace old lines, and work mainly in the air from pole to pole in bucket trucks. We also provide the opportunity to pay for new, inexperienced linemen to go to Linemen school in Georgia after a year of employment. Our six underground crews consist of operating heavy equipment such as Vermeer Drills and excavators that we use to rod and bore cable under the ground to provide telecommunications. Positions as certified flaggers (certification provided) are available as well. Please email resumes to for more information and to set up an interview time.

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